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The Münster Heritage Federation (Stadtheimatbund Münster)

has currently almost 40 member associations with over 10,000 individual members. Its offices are located near the Schlossplatz, in a historical gatehouse dating from 1778.

The Stadtheimatbund Münster

  • promotes the work of its member associations in the care, historical research and preservation  of its native heritage,
  • contributes to the development of Münster as a city of science and a worthwhile place to live,
  • strives to strengthen Münster's identity in a merging Europe and to make it a successful city with a high quality of life,
  • contributes in helping Münster to build on the strengths and traditions acquired in the past, for   the future.

An important aspect is the respect for the principle of subsidiary, which means to decentralize responsibilities in public life and to place them them at a more immediate or local level. The individual responsibility for socially relevant tasks is therefore a prime concern, and it is our intention to promote genuine civic commitment.

The activities are extensive and diverse, as diverse its member organizations. They range from cultural projects and the strenthening of social solidarity, to innovative themes. In particular the Stadtheimatbund promotes

  • the development of Münster as the city of the "Westphalian Peace Treaty of 1648" and as a City of Peace today,
  • the preservation of the Low German culture in language, song, drama, etc.,
  • the strengthening of civic involvement

If you are interested in our work feel free to contact us under

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